Сара Джессика Паркер примеряет подарок Кати Осадчей в программе "Светская жизнь"

Загрузка видео...


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  • 07.06.2010 00:50
  • Пыталась тоже самое написать на украинском, не вышло -"в вашем тексте содержатся запрещённые слова" . Лексику не меняла, просто перевела на русский. Украинский язык здест запрещён?
  • 07.06.2010 00:47
  • Что я вижу на этом видео? Двух страшненьких носатых "гламурок", которые старательно "изображают радость". Никакие дизайнерские шляпки не сделают их красивее и естественнее. Жаль, что моду диктуют "куклы"
  • 04.06.2010 02:09
  • Sex and the city was just so disappointing!
    How could they actually shoot all that??? The were located in Morocco, but they were saying they were in Abu Dhabi.
    Moreover a Sheikh would never ever be a producer of the movie.
    A Sheikh would never allow anyone to use his airline (he just has a private jet)
    In Abu Dhabi airline Etihad one is not allowed to drink alcohol, which girls in the movie drank, by the way.
    In Abu Dhabi women do not dress up like that. Their faces would not be closed. It is not Saudi Arabia.
    And those shoes which were sold on the market were morroccan, not emarati.
    Emarati people would not be selling anything on the market.And there is no way they would allow to touch a woman on the street the way Samantha was touched by the guy from the fake goods shop.
    And what she did at the very end showing that she likes to have sex would be accepted and forgiven, In Abu Dhabi she would be sent to jail. Straight away.
    There are no shabby houses like that in Abu Dhabi.And a Sheikh would never ever treat some random rich girls from NY like that.
    And the hotel was nowhere look alike like the Emirates Palace.
    So, finally, I want to say that those who know about life in Emirates and who have been there will understand that the movie is sooooo fake! And they were just too cheap to create a crap like this. I used to be a fan of Sex and the City.
    But I am sooo disappointed now.
    Still like the first part though....
    They should have stayed in New York.
  • 31.05.2010 23:15
  • Шляпка "Трейси" от Марты Холод)))
    Саре-Джесике очень к лицу!
    Послезавтра иду на премьеру фильма, надеюсь, он будет лучше, чем первый!
  • 27.05.2010 14:15
  • что-то коменты через раз оставляются...
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